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This took a lot of work damn it.

For those of you who have some time to waste, check out this interactive Alice In Wonderland game page. It's darling.

Yes. Darling.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and although cherub_bunny has secured her American McGee's Alice costume, I'm still debating whether or not to go with simple Cheshire Cat makeup or a decadent Queen of Hearts get-up. I kind of want to go "simple" this year. Besides, the Alice would be more likely to hang out with the Cheshire Cat than the queen.

In any case, I thought some of you might be thinking of "Alice" costumes. So I hunted down some sites that might help you:


Shadow Fae's Wonderland Dress
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Originally introduced in the early days of this community by martinimaven. This dress is based on American McGee's Alice and custom made to your measurements. You choose the color of fabric and can request special alterations. Just be sure to email Shadow Fae before you order if you have special requests. Beautifully made and affordable at only $60! There's still time to order one for Halloween! [No longer taking orders for this Halloween] It only took about two weeks for my sister's to arrive. She adores hers and I'm seriously considering getting one myself.

Azrael's Accomplice Gothic Alice Dress
This is a black Alice dress made of PVC and comes with a ruffly white apron. It's available in sizes S thru 4X for $125 OR you can order it custom-sized for $145.

Disney's Alice Costume
Adult sized blue satin dress w/ attached apron. Hair ribbon included. These are no longer manufactured so supplies are limited. They're being offered at this website for $26.99.

Cheshire Cat
You'd think I would have found a zillion sites for a basic cat costume, huh? Not the case. Luckily a good cat costume is pretty straightforward and easy to find.

But its a good idea, so try Star Costumes or Buy Costumes if you're desperate.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter
Uniquely designed to fit up to a size 42, this costume consits of a jacket/shirt combo w/ attached bow tie, pants, and hat. This one costs $49.99.

Star Costume's Mad Hatter
Jacket, pants, and vest with bow tie for $95. Hat is NOT included with this costume. But there are several different ones available on this site. The hats cost about $20

White Rabbit

Bunny Costumes
Long list of any kind of rabbit costume you can imagine. Suit up anyone from yourself, your kids, even your dog.

White Rabbit Jumpsuit
Basic Peter Cotton tail jumpsuit. Would look great w/ vest and pocket watch! One size fits most-currenty selling for $89.99

Vest w/ faux Pocket Watch Chain
By this neat little vest and all you'll need is a set of ears and a bunny tail to complete your costume! Very cool vintage look and only $28!

Queen of Hearts

Deluxe Queen of Hearts
Disney inspired Queen of Hearts costume. Beautiful satin dress, crown and earrings included. Fits up to size 16 dress and sells for $49.

Queen of Hearts Accessories.
Well. This search turned up links to purchase a Queen of Hearts wig, crown, and even a plush flamingo croquet mallet! I believe these are all Disney inspired and ranging from $10-$15.

Risque Queen of Hearts
Satin zip front push-up corset top with red vinyl hearts accents, light boning for support and matching skirt. Matching stockings are included and costs $65.

Playing Card

Queen of Hearts Playing Card
Your basic card tunic costume featuring the queen of hearts. Sells for $19.99

Alice Costume Shop
Here you'll find some basic Alice costumes (child/adult/deluxe...even a more risque Alice dress), a Queen of Hearts dress, and several Mad Hatter costumes.

Milestone Babies Booteek
This shop carries a wide variety of generic cat, queen, playing card, and rabbit costumes. Costumes come complete with everything you need and cost between $40 and $50.

I hope you're able to find something you like or at least find an idea for a costume you can create. Maybe this even gave you an idea of what you can afford this year. In any event, I've done my piece to make the world a much better place today...finding Wonderland Costumes for those in need.


An early Happy Halloween to ya! :)
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